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With Talentech's HR platform, you can manage and optimize the full talent journey from A-Z - from attraction, recruitment, and onboarding to talent management, retention, and offboarding. The full talent journey. In one place.

The developer portal is the starting point for integration with the Talentech eco system. Learn how you can use our APIs to extend the functionality, access your data and build customized experiences.



Browse our catalog of available open APIs and learn how to use them.

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Explore various use cases and examples to see how you can use our APIs.



Explore our marketplace of apps, integrations, partners and offerings that can extend your talent ecosystem.


Getting started


1. Browse our API documentation and identify operations that help you make value for our customers.

2. Get in touch with your contact person or join our partner network so we can assist you.


1. Browse our API documentation and identify operations that help you get more value out of our products.

2. Get in touch with your account manager or our support, so we can help you get access to create your apps, configure their permissions, and add secrets in the app configuration

3. Make an authorization request (as shown), and obtain an access token for use with our APIs.

4. Call our endpoints using the access token in the Authorization header with the Bearer scheme.

Getting technical

Authorization Request

POST /connect/token HTTP/1.1
Host: auth.talentech.io
&client_id=<your client id>
&client_secret=<your client secret>

API Request

GET /app-ecosystem/debug/echopayload HTTP/1.1
Host: api.talentech.io
Authorization: Bearer <JWT access token from Authorization Request response>